Building the Research about Women in Building Research

As loyal readers may recall, some while ago I did a rather boring blog that was basically just a list of some names of women scientific civil servants I had encountered in the records of the Royal Aircraft Establishment. Its merit, if any, was that some people who knew stuff about some of the women got in touch and I learnt more. Because there is always more to know.

This is a similar record, this time of women who were scientific civil servants at the Building Research Station (BRS/BRE), Transport and Road Research Laboratory (TRRL), Fire Research Station (FRS) and Ministry of Works (MoW), and other construction-related organisations.

They were specialists in a wide range of fields, from maths and pure sciences, through various sorts of engineering, to sociology and statistics. Some achieved recognition in their own lifetimes, such as Margaret Law, others did important work but have otherwise vanished from the public record.

If your search engine has brought you here and you know ANYTHING about any of these women, or can add to the list, please get in touch.

Miss ValerieLawsBRE & Tropical Products Institute1959
Mrs Barbara MGoldstoneBRE and Fire Research Station1976
Mrs PGAllenBRS/BRE1959
Miss PJArnoldBRS/BRE1959
Miss EPBelfordBRS/BRE1959
Mrs LMLBoothBRS/BRE1959
Mrs MEBoothBRS/BRE1959
Miss EMBrownBRS/BRE1926?
Miss B.BruenBRS/BRE1959
Mrs MEButlerBRS/BRE1964
Mrs Evelyn JCibulaBRS/BRE1964
Miss Margaret AClappBRS/BRE1959
Mrs VAColemanBRS/BRE1964
Mrs VMCollinsBRS/BRE1964
Mrs IVMDawsBRS/BRE1964
Miss CWDouglasBRS/BRE1959
Mrs AEdwardsBRS/BRE1959
Miss EJElbogenBRS/BRE1959
Miss RMFilmerBRS/BRE1959
Miss GNAGibsonBRS/BRE1959
Miss (??) Elizabeth MGlaisterBRS/BRE1959
Miss MJGoldBRS/BRE1959
Mrs IVMGordonBRS/BRE1959
Mrs ASGreevesBRS/BRE1964
Miss AMGreggBRS/BRE1926?
Mrs JDHawkinsBRS/BRE1964
Mrs KJHaynesBRS/BRE1964
Dr Winifred VereHoleBRS/BRE1959
Mrs HCHutchingsBRS/BRE1964
Miss IMJefferyBRS/BRE1959
Mrs JRLangBRS/BRE1964
Mrs EMLawsonBRS/BRE1959
Miss EALeightonBRS/BRE1926
Dr JuliaLemessanyBRS/BREc.1970
Miss DALinsleyBRS/BRE1959
Mrs IDLLodgeBRS/BRE1959
Miss NMMacnaughtBRS/BRE1959
Mrs MMMetcalfBRS/BRE1964
Miss KJNobleBRS/BRE1959
Mrs AAOgilvyBRS/BRE1964
Mrs VKPeacheyBRS/BRE1964
Mrs BRPooleBRS/BRE1959
Miss PDRussellBRS/BRE1959
Miss RAShipmanBRS/BRE1964
Miss PJSmithBRS/BRE1959
Mrs EMSobolevBRS/BRE1959
Miss AHSparrowBRS/BRE1964
Miss BJTurnerBRS/BRE1959
Miss M.WalthoBRS/BRE1964
Mrs BDFWardBRS/BRE1959
Miss Barbara Elizabeth AnneWhellerBRS/BRE1959
Mrs DSWilliamsBRS/BRE1959
Miss CJWilsonBRS/BRE1950
Miss ASWoodingBRS/BRE1959
Caroline BurkettPettiforFPL
Winifred NDaxonFRS
Lynda GGriffithsFRS1967
Sheila FNashFRS1968
Ann IPittFRS
Barbara Frances WiltonRogowskiFRS1966
Ann IWadleyFRS1968
Miss P. M.P.HooperMoW1946
Miss P.KingMoW1946
Miss V. G.StoneMoW1946
MIss M. M.WoodheadMoW1946
Barbara EthelSabeyTRRL1951
Mrs Irene T.Barclayyes but only in committeesn/a
Mrs HelenBrownyes but only in committeesn/a
Dr MargaretFishendenyes but only in committees
Barbara ETredreNIMR1965

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  1. Jo Stanley says:

    Really interesting, Kay, especially the material about Wrens. Thank you. You probably know from my book, Women in the Royal Navy, that overseas service in WW2 was sought after, despite the hazards. But most mech Wrens stayed over here. After WW2 and into the 1960 some VERY high flyers went to work in private sector engineering. The WRNS training seems to have assured employers that they were getting the best.
    Best wishes, Dr Jo Stanley


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